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Patricia Obiakor

About the Owner

With over 10 years of experience, Patricia is a style innovator, creating cutting edge hair designs for her clients. Patricia has a true eye for beauty and stays on top of trends by constantly revitalizing her style and skills.

Our Clients

Why people believe in us

Pat has been my beautician for the 2 yrs that I’ve been in Chicago. I absolutely love her professionalism, her attention to detail, and her fair pricing. She has the ability to do natural hair, weaving and braiding.

Tish Chantell

I had such a wonderful experience at Glamour Peace! It is clean, modern and comfortable. Pat is a style maven with international flair and expertise. She understood exactly the style I wanted without having ever worked with her before. It came out PERFECT! Also she was fast and consistent. I hope many more people find this gem; you will not be disappointed.

Kristina Farrar

One of the very few clean, friendly, and well-priced places I have found for my 4C hair in my 4 years of living in Chicago. I can't just trust my hair with anyone and it has been hard finding someone on the north side. I come here every month and will continue to.

C. Iruka

Moving is hard for many reasons and a main one for a glamour woman is finding a stylist to trust that has your best interest thanks to MS Pat She made moving easy by being an amazing stylist! She’s personable and extremely talented at what she does!

Zoe McCourty

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